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Eco by Naty Organic Normal, 32 liners

Eco by Naty Organic Normal, 32 liners

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Eco by Naty Pantyliners for Women Normal - Organic Pantyliners for Daily Use, Eco-Friendly Thin, Discreet Hygiene Pads with Organic Cotton to Keep You Fresh (32 Pack)

  •  Organic
  •  Made from ecological cotton
  •  100% compostable & vegetable materials
  •  No perfumes, no dyes
  •  Free from oil plastic

* THIN DISCREET ABSORBENT PANTIES FOR WOMEN - Naty compostable pads feature a thin, flexible fit that is discreet while providing you with the daily freshness you want.

* Premium protection: our thin panty liners are perfect for the lighter days when traditional menstrual pads are too much. You hardly notice them, but they can hold up to 10 times their weight, making you feel fresher for longer.

* Suitable for sensitive skin: when it comes to female health and care, we know how important it is to keep things clean, natural and chemical-free. Our panty liners are not only organic, but also do not contain perfumes or dyes and are free from oil plastics. They are made of ecological cotton and offer you the safest protection against leaks and from things that your skin does not need.

* Vegetable and compostable: Naty's panty liners, as well as our entire range of women's hygiene products, are made from 100% certified compostable and vegetable materials.

*REDUCE YOUR PLASTIC FOOTPRINT - Every woman disposals on average 200kg of plastic waste that comes from the use of products for female intimate care. With Naty, your oil plastic waste is 0 kg. Convert to certified compostable materials. Good for nature, and your body will love it.

* Better for us, better for nature: Eco by Naty was founded in Sweden almost 27 years ago. Today we continue our goal to develop high-tech eco products that are not only harmless to our bodies but also good for the environment. They are supported by independent sustainability certifications. We offer the most environmentally friendly products, all made from natural materials.

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