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Natesh Herbal Over Night Extra Long, 33cm, 6 Pads

Natesh Herbal Over Night Extra Long, 33cm, 6 Pads

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Reasons to  choose Natesh pads and pantyliners?

> Made from quality raw materials and not recycled raw materials, DIOXIN FREE so it is safe, hygienic.
> Nano Silver Technology
> Very thin (pads <1mm, pantyliner <0.5), very comfortable, feels like you're not wearing any of them
> Far Infra Red to promote blood circulation, remove toxins and stimulate immunity
> Ainon/negative ions (7,200pcs/cm3 – current highest) are useful for revitalizing cell metabolism, increasing immunity, anti-inflammation, calming the mind/relaxation
> Contains herbs that are useful for maintaining freshness during menstruation or moderate daily fluids, preventing itching and irritation of the skin, relieving pain during menstruation and menopausal symptoms, emotional control, preventing inflammation and the development of bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the reproductive organs
> Absorbency is 3-5 times (SAP from Japan) than regular sanitary pads, so it doesn't leak easily
> Does not cause heat, moisture, wetness, irritation and itching of the skin, suitable for sensitive/allergic skin
> Packed very hygienically and tightly per unit and repackaged as a whole using aluminum foil, practical and easy to carry

Benefits of Natesh pads and pantyliners:
> Containing germ-killing compounds nano silver protects the outer female intimate organs from infections, fungi, bacteria, viruses and other parasites that are harmful to intimate organs
> Absorbs and binds menstrual blood strongly so that it feels dry when using pads, as well as preventing and helping to overcome itching
> Breathable, that is, it can keep the temperature inside and outside the pads the same so it doesn't cause moisture in the pads and pantyliners (prevents irritation and vaginal discharge)

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