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O.B. Procomfort Super, 32 Tampons

O.B. Procomfort Super, 32 Tampons

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> Made with the DynamicFit technology, which is a 3D extension that happens on contact with the body to adapt to his middle, because we know that every woman is incomparable outside and inside and everyone deserves optimal comfort and personalisation

> The tampons act as organic sponges that provide long hours of protection as they absorb an intense flow
They also feature a gentle insertion process as they are made with silk touch cover which is a satin finish cover so they can be easily put on and taken off

> The design was created and approved by gynaecologists to ensure a clear answer to the prevailing needs of women, and one of the many successes was the form of curved grooves that hold the flow effectively and reliably

> Environmentally friendly

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